Day Fishing on the Kenai

For 40 years Alaska River Adventures has been fishing the beautiful rivers and lakes of Alaska. We provide full day trips just about anywhere on the Kenai peninsula and half day trips on the Upper Kenai River. 

Fish in season
PeriodTroutRed SalmonSilver SalmonKing Salmon
6/10 - 7/30
7/30 - 8/15
8/15 - 10/31

Fishing opportunities change depending on the season, from the runs of various Salmon species to catch and release trophy Rainbow Trout and Char. Our highly experienced friendly guides will take you wherever the fish are biting and the breathtaking landscapes are endless.

Kenai Wildlife Refuge Fishing – Full Day
Salmon, Trout & Dolly Varden
$275.00/person plus tax 
8 – 9 Hours on the water

A limited number of guides get to fish the most beautiful section of the Kenai river, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  We hold these rare permits. 

Flowing downstream from the world famous Russian River, the Kenai enters the Wildlife Refuge, winding through islands, gravel bars and back channels. This beautiful section of the Kenai is drift-only.  The Refuge is the favorite place to fish by Cooper Landing locals

Kenai River Canyon Fishing – Full Day
Salmon, Trout & Dolly Varden
$275.00/person plus tax
8 – 9 hours on the water

On this spectacular fishing trip, we will venture deeper into the wildlife refuge, into the Kenai River Canyon.  This gem of the Kenai River is home to abundant wildlife from moose to bald eagles, countless bird species and bears.  

The narrowest section involves Class II+ whitewater surrounded by towering rocky cliffs that entertain the adventurous spirit.  The trip ends as the river opens up into the glacier carved, green-blue Skilak Lake.  This trip is weather dependent.

Upper Kenai River Fishing – Half Day
Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden
$175.00/person plus tax
4 hours on the water

This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to have a chance to fish the Kenai River. We can always target rainbow trout and dolly varden and when the red and silver salmon are present, we will try for those. Beginners to advanced will enjoy this unique experience – fishing one of Alaska’s fabled waters. 

Fly, spin and casting rods are provided and we adjust the trip to each angler’s                                                                                                         experience.  Anyone hoping to catch a limit of salmon is better off choosing a                                                                                                         full day trip as both red salmon and silver salmon are strong fighters and it takes                                                                                                   some training to get you both hooking them and landing them…

3 Day Fishing Package
Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden
$995/person plus tax
3 full days
Fall Special Sale – Trips After Sept. 1st – Only $875!

Lots of variety, lots of fish, beautiful scenery. 3 full days of guided drift boat fishing for Salmon, Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden. 

We take you wherever the fishing is the best for your favorite species. Includes all licenses & tags, fish freezing, and vacuum sealing. Perfect for those traveling by RV or staying at local B&B’s.

Fly-In Fishing – Full Day
Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden or Grayling
from $495.00/person plus tax (and up)
8 to 12 hours total (5 – 8 hours on the water)

Every anglers dream is to fly to a remote stream in a bush plane!

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Kasilof River – Full Day
King Salmon
$275/person plus tax
7 – 8 hours on the water

Alaska’s Kasilof River gives you the rare opportunity to try your hand at fishing for the mighty King Salmon.  Kings are the largest of the salmon species but come in runs measuring in the thousands verses their fellow salmon varieties which measure in the millions. 

Fishing for one of these trophy salmon is always a challenge, or as we call it “high risk, high reward.”  You can sit for hours waiting for a strike and when one comes you need to time the hook set perfectly.  

Once the hook is set your work begins and even then there is no guarantee that these big fish will find the net. They might just take off across the river and strip all the line off your reel as you watch helplessly, or you might triumph over nature and land that fish in the boat, where payoff is a high adrenaline rush, high fives from the witnesses in your boat, and the greatest fishing story of your life!